DriTek Sweat Management Technology for Nitrile Gloves

Do you experience these
leading problems caused by wearing rubber gloves?

  • Hands get hot and sweaty

  • Accumulated sweat makes work difficult and uncomfortable

  • Hand moisture causes rashes or other skin problems

  • Hands are itchy and red after wearing single-use gloves

  • Gloves tear while donning them on wet hands

  • Regular glove changes interrupt productivity

The most durable, comfortable
glove on the market

Hydrex Sweat Management Exam Gloves

DriTek is a sweat absorbing layer that provides a moisture-controlled environment, keeping hand comfort at a maximum and irritation to a minimum.

All DriTek equipped gloves carry ANSI 3 Abrasion Resistance ratings for unbeatable durability and longer life.

Comfortable Gloves Abrasion Resistant Gloves Sweat Management Gloves Increased Productivity Healthy Skin
  • Advanced ANSI 3 abrasion resistance 3x longer wear than conventional nitrile gloves

  • Dramatically more comfortable for increased productivity

  • Smooth, effortless donning and doffing with long-lasting comfort

  • Moisture management keeps skin healthier, decreasing dermatitis and infection for happier hands

  • DriTek layer pulls moisture away from the skin

SW Safety Gloves with
Sweat Management Technology

Megaman Sweat Management Gloves


• Sweat Management
• Certified Tough
• Comfort

Megaman Sweat Management Gloves
AloeTuff Sweat Management Gloves


• Sweat Management
• ACTIValoe
• Certified Tough
• High Visibility Color
• Comfort

AloeTuff Sweat Management Gloves
Hydrex Sweat Management Exam Gloves


• Sweat Management
• Exam Grade AQL 0.65
• Certified Tough

Hydrex Sweat Management Exam Gloves
ANSI Abrasion Level 3 Icon EN374-1:2003 Icon EN374-2 Level 2 Icon EN388:2003 2000 Icon